Friday, November 11, 2005

"Wearing the had skuff"

I don't know which is the more curious - and disheartening: that someone would actually do a search expressed that way, or that the Stew would turn up in the results. Twice. Along with gay porn. The visitor was from the UK, by the bye. (The things you learn from StatCounter!!)


Anonymous Davo said...

Surprising? Nah. As an intelligent and articulate commenter you should expect 'some' notice. (grins)

11 November 2005 at 9:42:00 pm GMT+10  
Blogger Big Gav said...


I'd say that proves the need for spelling lessons in the UK has never been greater.

I get all sorts of hits from unusual google queries - I sometimes laugh imagining what some of these casual surfers make of my more apocaphiliac style of posts...

13 November 2005 at 2:02:00 pm GMT+10  

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