Monday, December 05, 2005

Not quite back in the saddle

I really should, I suppose, explain my patchy posting of late. I've been a bit distracted because we are busy these days, Mrs Guambat and I, packing and getting stuff into storage and the place tarted up as we prepare to up stumps and journey back to Guam for a spell. On top of that, my son is off to a visit to Singapore with his Singapore girl (he's plastic-wrapping his bags) and my turning Japanese Baby Bat has announced she's turning married Japanese and moving to Miami. So I've got stacks of bits of paper with bloggable material scattered around but find myself too scattered to organise any thoughts before all the stories turn stale.

(Yeah, but where's the horse?)

Maybe I should be looking for a sign that says "This site is under de-construction" but I'm hoping that I can muddle along.
Thanks for checking in from time to time and for your patience.


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