Friday, March 17, 2006

Son of a Guambat

Well it's bragging time again, you better believe me.... (Sorry, Ray).

BRW (Business Review Weekly) is probably Australia's most read business magazine. The SIA (Securities Institute of Australia) is probably Australia's leading private business finance educational and professional finance society. Together they and others sponsor an annual investment portfolio contest for business students around Australia. The rules are rudimentary: construct an investment portfolio from amongst Australia's top 300 companies from a notional $200,000 starting investment, and whoever has the highest value portfolio at the end of the year gets a $10,000 prize. It's not a management model; no changes are allowed. You just pays your money and takes your chances.

They're about half way through the game at the moment. As I write this it is Friday night and on close of Monday, the half way mark, the leader gets a $600 prize.

Off and on and for the last several days, including up to the close of this Friday, that Son of a Guambat (whose pix are seen in the very first posts last August 2005), is coming ichi ban, numero uno - first place in any language. He, and most of the students, are beating the pants off the profs and other experts.

Follow his exploits and see his portfolio at the following url, which may not work:

If that doesn't get you there,
start here.
Then click on
Macquarie University under New South Wales/ACT.
Then click on Results on the left side, which opens a drop-down menu, and then click on
National results.

The first results table you will see is the NATIONAL CELEBRITY LECTURERS TOP 10. These folks are all wannabes compared to the students. Just look at their results.

So scroll down past the wannabes and you'll see the NATIONAL STUDENT TOP 100.
Solon Brown is that Son of a Guambat.


Even if he's not there come Monday's close.

And he was actually born on Guam!


Blogger Mick in Missouri said...

Sounds like the acorn does not fall far from the tree. Good on ya Solon!!

18 March 2006 at 4:08:00 pm GMT+10  
Anonymous little john said...

hehe, well, that is one mighty fat tree!

cheers mick!


19 March 2006 at 1:22:00 pm GMT+10  
Blogger Guambat Stew said...

Solon: That's no way to speak to your Aunty.

Mick: Acorns, pecans: The whole family's nuts.

20 March 2006 at 12:44:00 pm GMT+10  

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