Friday, October 20, 2006


Flunkeyism is a word Guambat doesn't hear every day. But it has a certain ring, a noministic determinism, almost onomonpoeia-dic. So it is disturbing to hear someone reject it, but that is what the DPRK wants to do:
Anyone who truly loves the country and the nation should take the stand of national independence and categorically reject flunkeyism and dependence on outsiders, Rodong Sinmun stresses in a signed article today. If a nation is shackled to others with its independence lost, its members can never escape national maltreatment and humiliation and the fate of a ruined nation with its dignity, rights and interests violated, the article says, and goes on:
It is treachery to stand against national independence and pursue flunkeyism and dependence on outsiders.
The Korean nation's struggle to reunify the country is a patriotic struggle for the independence of the country and the nation.
National independence is the fundamental point and the hard core in reunifying the country divided by the outsiders.
Korea's reunification is an undertaking pertaining to the sovereignty of the nation, and what is essential in the struggle for national reunification is to oppose outsiders' domination and intervention and win the independence of the nation. So, the reunification of the country just means national independence and vice versa.
Anyone who truly hopes for reunification aspires after national independence, while anyone who opposes reunification and pitches for division seeks flunkeyism and dependence on outsiders. After all, the approach to national independence is a touchstone distinguishing between patriotism and treachery, between reunification and anti-reunification. Just as patriotism and treachery are incompatible with each other, national independence cannot go with dependence.
Treacheries persistently committed by the forces dependent on outsiders in south Korea are a stumbling block in the way of establishing national independence and achieving the unity of the nation and the reunification of the country. There is no room within the nation for such flunkeyist traitors selling off the dignity and sovereignty of the nation, root and all, to outsiders while acting as their puppet.
Those traitors who seek flunkeyism and dependence on outside forces, standing against the nation even today when national independence has become a trend of the times, can never escape a stern punishment by history and the nation.

Ahh, the poetry of political propaganda prose. Meanwhile, if you have any desire be able to distinguish kimchee from shinola, you could start by clicking the "enter" link at this site, and compare that with these two blogs:
One Free Korea
DPRK Studies

Or just go see for yourself.

UPDATE 21 Oct re "just go see for yourself":

The cosy, the frightening, the cute and the sinister


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