Monday, November 20, 2006

Prog Knowsis

The tide was out in Asia today, and Guambat has always wanted to "go live" with a gut feeling. Guambat's not insubstantial gut and bottle of what passes on Guam for $2Buck Chuck tells him the DJIA will at least trade if not close at or below 12160 tonight (West Pac time; 20 Nov.) It last closed at 12342 and a bit.

So now, we'll see.


Well, there you go. Nada. Dow down only a couple dozen points. With Japan down 366 points, Hong Kong down 228 and our Aussie market down 2.5% for 137 points, all without any particular headline "cause" other than being "due", it all looked like a "precursor". But the DJIA wouldn't play along. No precursors, just curses. You just can't time the markets.


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