Thursday, April 19, 2007


When Guambat was knee-high to a numbat, his parents took him South of the border from San Diego to Tijuana. Guambat's mom has the photo of Guambat sitting on a pony with chaps and sombrero to prove it, though Guambat was much too young to remember more than the photo.

Some things about Mexico seem never to change very much. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly pretty much sums up that simplification. The following from the Ugly.

Gunmen storm hospital in Tijuana

Masked gunmen opened fire on police Wednesday at a large hospital as they searched for an accomplice wounded in an earlier gun battle, Mexican police and witnesses said.

Two state police officers were killed in the attack, which forced the evacuation of hundreds of patients from the seven-story facility.

The shootouts shattered a period of relative calm in the crime-weary border city, where thousands of soldiers and federal agents began patrolling the streets this year in an effort to combat growing drug-related violence.

Officials said the chain of events began when gunmen with suspected links to organized crime fought federal agents who had stopped the suspects' car. One suspect was killed and another was injured, authorities said.

Shortly after the injured man arrived at Tijuana General Hospital, a group of about six gunmen tried to shoot their way into the emergency room, witnesses and police said. It was unclear whether the gunmen intended to rescue the man or kill him, police said.

Hospital workers said they were tending to patients when the barrage of gunfire shattered windows and gouged walls around the emergency room.

"We all hit the floor. It was terrifying," Dr. Paola Garcia said.


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