Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DC's gun control law in Supreme Court's sights

Guambat mentioned this case when it was at the US Court of Appeal level in, "So this militiaman walks into the Senate with a loaded gun..."

Guambat's take was that shooting down the Individual's Right to Bear Arms crowd with this Bush-stacked court was not a betting proposition: "Guambat reckons the second amendment will end up being a right to bear any arm except a sawed-off shotgun."

Now that the Supreme Court has taken up the case, the battle for the Second Amendment will be joined. The duel will be most interesting.

Settling the meaning of the 2nd Amendment

U.S. Supreme Court takes up gun-rights case


FOLLOW-THROUGH: If the WSJ Law Blog can stir up this much commentary on this subject, just imagine the bandwidth the topic will take up in less genteel places.


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