Friday, December 14, 2007

Englishman proved not everyone evolved

An English backpacker has been jailed for five years for killing a Scottish man in a caravan park in the Snowy Mountains. Justice Adams said the killing was done impulsively and on the spur of the moment.

Well, there's a bit more to it than that, according to the Melbourne Age:
[A]n argument between [Alexander Christian] York and the pair [Rudi Boa and his girlfriend] about creationism versus evolution escalated into a shouting match at the pub. The couple, both biomedical scientists, had been arguing the case of evolution, while York had taken a more biblical view of history.

Although the altercation had been defused by the time the Scottish tourists left the hotel, it became inflamed again at the caravan park when all three were quite drunk.

According to Ms Brown, York was making dinner when he attacked the couple outside his tent, stabbing Mr Boa with a kitchen knife as the argument escalated.

York said he had lashed out in self-defence, after being attacked by Mr Boa.

In the NSW Supreme Court sitting in Wagga Wagga in July, York was found guilty of manslaughter but acquitted of murdering Mr Boa.


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