Saturday, March 01, 2008

The penny dropped

Guambat was amused and delighted by all the pretty little coins with exotic animals on them when he moved to Australia. Then he began to get holes in his pockets as all those coins bulged up, from pennies to pounds. There were not only pennies but two-penny coins as well.

Then Australia dumped the pennies, and two-pennies alike. Not dumped as in cutting a hole in the centre, but dumped as in dumped. Turns out it made sense to end the minted cents, and they haven't looked back since.

Coming back to America, with its plentiful pennies from heaven, was like running into an old friend you just rather wouldn't hadda done. They just aren't as lucky or useful as they used to was. Haven't even seen one in a Weejun in don't know how long.

So, those types of observations coupled with the commodious price of commodities has some folks renewing "the call" to dump the US penny.

But the Treasurer says he has too many other things on his plate at the moment.


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