Friday, October 10, 2008

See the USA, from a Chevrolet

Guambat reckons GM made its best, most classic, cars in the '50's, particularly the mid-'50's.

And it was about that time that GM insisted, in dealings with the Fed Government, that what was good for GM was good for America.

Things must be pretty good now, if measured by GM stock. It's right back where it was then.

GM falls to 1950 levels; European sales stung

As Guambat noted earlier this week, Frightful Friday may follow Meltdown Monday. Guambat has to wonder, now though, whether the whackage is done and Friday won't be so bad as that.

But of course, we're only down a little less than 40% from all time Dow highs, and as pointed out Tuesday, the Dow got as low as 50% off its high in 2000 and the extreme low of the 1970's Bear Market, so don't lose your hat.


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