Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stimulating, at least if you're in the paper business

Guambat nicked this idea and imagery from an email that was broadcast around.

Consider the size of the US stimulus package(s). When all forms are considered, it must exceed, but let's just say it is, ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

What would that look like if it was composed of $100 bills?

Ten Thousand Dollars could easily fit in a coat pocket, and be smuggled out the door of the bailed out banks.

A Million Dollars taped to your body would make you look like a terrorist. What is more terrifying than walking around with $1,000,000 strapped to yourself?

But One Hundred Million Dollars, now that is palatable, or palletable if you will.

And One Billion Dollars would require you all to go out and rent a U-Haul.

But One Trillion Dollars?

Even if you
double-stacked your palatable booty, you'd need a large-ish building, maybe not as large as the Goldman Sachs HQ, but large enough to hold this:


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