Monday, September 07, 2009


Guambat apologizes for the white space appearing here over the last few days. He's suffering from a blue screen of death mind fork, a complete mental seizure, incapable of articulation, over that speech the President of the United States intends to address to the children of the country.

How the bloody f*&%#$@k can that possibly be, before the fact even, a controversy?


Add that to the "tea parties" and the health-care town hall lynchings, and it seems the USA has taken a very radical step to the right.
Patriots, be on notice. This is the favorite tactic of the left. Any criticism of Obama, no matter what or how legit, will be labeled racism. Tea party? Racist! Opposition to socialism? Racist! Opposition to nationalized healthcare? Racist! Opposition to cap and tax? Racist! Opposition to the ethnic cleansing of Jewish people in Israel? Racist!

The editor of the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson, observed that the poster showed that the inevitable backlash against Obama’s far-left policies has begun: “It is starting. Open mockery of Barack Obama, as disillusionment sets in with the man, his policies, and the phony image of a race-healing, brilliant, scholarly middle-of-the-roader.”

And w
e can't continue to blame it on Bush, who was obviously the sawdust-head puppet for his veep ventriloquist from the populous state of Wyoming and its traditions from the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and its Cheyenne Club.
The angry reaction is a sign of how fractious the US political scene has become

“As far as I am concerned, this is not civics education – it gives the appearance of creating a cult of personality,” said Steve Russell, a Republican senator from Oklahoma. “This is something you’d expect to see in North Korea or in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.”

But on a side note, it is heartwarming to see that Bush/Cheney's Ashcroft, his AG who formulated many of the policies that were shredding away ancient civil liberties, won't be hiding behind any immunities. The really fascinating part is that the majority opinion was written by a Bush appointee and a Reagan appointee, with another Bush appointee dissenting. Not a Democrat, nor presumably "leftist", in the debate.


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