Monday, October 12, 2009

Boy, that Hertz

Hertz hurts. Why don't they change their name to Hartz?

As portrayed by Felix Salmon, they certainly aren't all hearts.

Corporate bully of the day: Hertz

on September 16, Audit Integrity released a report, based on new and proprietary analysis, listing 20 large public companies with the highest probability of declaring bankruptcy in the next twelve months. One of those companies was Hertz

Hertz wasn’t happy with the Audit Integrity report, and sent the company a rather silly letter

The really nasty bit of the letter, however, was where Hertz’s general counsel not only threatened to sue Audit Integrity over the report, but also copied the general counsels of all the other companies on Audit Integrity’s list, encouraging them to do likewise.

Audit Integrity has raised the issue with the US SEC.

Wrong. They should go to the US Dept. of Health and Human Service.

You say bully, they say bula.



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