Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Boom Bust Boosting Baby Burst??

Just a couple of posts ago, before the Christmas season arrival of Family Guambat to the Burrow, and the attack of the Festival of the Flu Bug, caused a hiatus to blogging, Guambat noted, as most of the world has, the Baby Boomer phenomena's effect on the market's resilient boom over the last decade.

Well, it appears the Boomer's Boom has been begetting a new Baby Burst in some places.

The Straits Times (Singapore) is reporting on a Baby boom in HK
The number of babies born has grown in recent years - from 65,626 in 2006 to 70,875 in 2007 and 78,822 last year. This is the largest number since 1983, when about 83,300 babies were born.

That article includes a side bar report of similar stories elsewhere, such as:
ICELAND: Newborns have been nicknamed 'Kreppa babies', from the Icelandic word for crisis. The number of births is up by 3.5 per cent so far this year, giving the country its highest number of deliveries in at least half a century.

CHECHNYA: More than 7,000 babies have been born in this Russian republic this year, compared with 5,000 last year.

BRITAIN: It saw the biggest population increase in nearly half a century last year, The overall fertility rate now stands at 1.96, the highest since the 1970s



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