Wednesday, December 02, 2009

With one eye on the PI

With the Philippines being the nearest major port of call to Guam (Japan a close second, and Taiwan in the heat), Guambat has been alert to this story, which has been developing over the last few days.
Philippine Massacre Prompts Removal of Entire Police Department
The Philippines is an archipelago of diversity maybe not in the extremes of New Guinea, but a close second if not. It was certainly the cross roads of modern civilization as it made its way south and eastward from lower Asia into Oceania over several thousands of years. As such, it is a hodge podge of people, facts and fictions that remain hard to reconcile:
Stone Age Tasaday



The Making of a Massacre in the Philippines

Ampatuans locked in their own mansions in S Philippines

Philippine police convoy ambushed in martial law province



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