Friday, March 12, 2010

Loved the Germany-Greece subliminal imagery

As the slippery Greece sovereign debt situation plays out, the reportage is getting right down to the man-on-the-street level.

The NYT story of this topic today begins with the anecdotal tale of a 28 year old hairdresser who is defending her ability to retire from her "hazardous" chemical job at age 50 on full government retirement.

The focal point of this particular perspective on Greece's troubles is on its retirement promises:
Greece’s patchwork system of early retirement has contributed to the out-of-control state spending that has led to Europe’s sovereign debt crisis.
But it illustrates the story with a nondescript picture of a black profile of a protester surrounded by a gray fog of tear gas. Not much apparent connection there.

There is much more impact in the Christian Science Monitor's picture depicting its story-du-jour on the subject, As Athens protests, Germany scoffs over Greece debt bailout, which carries the subheading,
Protesters took to the streets of Athens on Thursday over government austerity measures. But anger is also growing in Germany at being asked to finance the Greece debt bailout.
Its picture graphically illustrates the whole story.

It's of a bunch of Greek protesters torching an Audi.

Don't have to read the thousand words.

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