Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't send a Guambat to do a yeoman's job

About a week ago, Guambat posted Buffett talks up his book(s), drinks the koolaid .

Kid's stuff.

This is real man's work, by Paul B. Farrell:

Buffett defends Goldman, joins greed Conspiracy
Behind the façade, the lovable, good ol' Uncle Warren strumming his cute little ukulele, ostensibly supporting reform, there's a dark force that's part of the toxic Goldman Conspiracy fighting to keep alive everything that's wrong with Wall Street, everything that got us into this mess, everything that will trigger another meltdown that even Uncle Warren says: "I can guarantee it."

Yes, folks, Uncle Warren has a bad case of denial. Remember, not too long ago Buffett was calling derivatives "weapons of financial mass destruction." And yet, there he was on stage at his love fest last week defending Wall Street's most toxic companies, trapped in denial, defending the greedy culture that got America into its current mess.

And that's just a warm-up. The rest just has to be read.



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