Monday, October 04, 2010

Big Pharma still hyping hypocondria

Guambat mentioned this issue over two years ago in Restless leg-up syndrome.

But the latest hype also hypes newspapers, as the following samples illustrate.

Sex always sells.

Drugs companies 'hype-up female libido problems'
Writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Ray Moynihan said pharmaceutical firms were guilty of wrongly giving the impression that "hypoactive sexual desire disorder" was widespread.

Mr Moynihan, a broadcaster and lecturer at Newcastle University in Australia, said companies funded surveys designed to suggest the problem affected large numbers of women, and also took a lead in "educating" professionals and the public about it.

For example, he said a Pfizer-funded course for US doctors claimed that up to 63 per cent of women had sexual dysfunction and it went on to suggest taking testosterone and Viagra as a treatment. But he said studies later showed that using Viagra for such a purpose had no effect.

He warned: "The drug industry shows no signs of abandoning plans to meet the unmet need it has helped to manufacturer."

Drugs giants cashing in by 'inventing' low libido label in women

Female sexual dysfunction 'excuse by drug firms to sell pills'

Is Female Sexual Dysfunction the Next Big Disease?

"La industria quiere retratar a los ciudadanos como enfermos"

Дигнозы придумывают, чтобы было что лечить?

Kadında 'Cinsel Bozukluk' İlaç Firması Uydurması mı?

Ženské problémy v sexu? Výmysl farmaceutických firem

Opfandt sygdom for at sælge Viagra

La Voce d'Italia: Viagra rosa, la menzogna farmaceutica

Yep. In any language.



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