Friday, February 25, 2011

Blimey, BBC discovered Guam

And here Guambat thought Magellan discovered Guam about 500 years ago. That is, until his Chamorro friends told him they discovered it about 4,000 years ago. Before Hawaii. Before New Zealand.

Fancy that.

Guam: The best place you never considered going to
It has a link to a few pictures, half of which are taken around Tumon Bay, which Guambat's burrow overlooks, but you might get a better gestalt view here.

The story unfortunately breaks the secret on the best all-day breakfast diner on Guam, where carbs and fats come by the scoopful, and generally praises the very down to earth Guam eating habits.

But, for eating, you need to look to that other guambat, k. santos, who blogs as The Scent of Green Bananas, whose post for 20110222 features the little eatery next door, Delmonico's. Guambat and the Mrs are regulars. Delmonico's serves up a tasty dish of fried peppers and oysters, made all the better after Chef Eddie added okra, at Guambat's suggestion.

Once here, youse may's well go on out to the rest of Micronesia.



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