Friday, March 11, 2011

Woulda watched it, but couldn't

An 8.9 earthquake and tsumani in the neighbourhood is something that dilates the eyes around Guambat's burrow.

But at 15 miles or more deep and 1500 miles away, Guambat poured another one and simply watched mesmerized by the televised NHK images of ravaged northeastern Honshu, sound muted because of the constantly recurring warning blasts of the over-testosteroned homeland security types who would rather be heard than sorry. At the duly appointed time, the tides on Tumon Bay had no discernible change.

Of course, it was dark, so it was hard to tell for sure. But there were no white caps, no churning haze and no sounds of breakers in the distance.

Still, to give the under-worked Homeland Security Guards their due, by shutting off all traffic to Tumon Bay, Guambat and the Mrs enjoyed one of the quietest evenings in the Guambat burrow in yonks. Could almost get to enjoy these tsunami alerts so long as the mute button continues to work.

Mrs Guambat is trying to connect perceived dots between the Christchurch quake, the China quake and the Sendai quake, but Guambat reckons its just Rorschach by the numbers painting. If he's right, he can gloat. If he's wrong, there won't be anyone around to say "I told you so".


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