Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Throwin' yourself on the MERSy of the County Judge

Guambat has to beg Barry's pardon here. Guambat considers himself a bit of a regular visitor on Barry Ritholtz' blog, The Big Picture. He also reckons he's a bit of an old timer, if irregular, member of the commentariat on Barry's blog.

Was, that is. He's just about now spit the dummy on trying to get past the ever changing, never remembering, wordpress moat that stand between quick qomment and the "try again" pop-up when the last known password fails to pass muster, or gas or anything else that passes for sesame.

So, here's the comment Guamtat would have posted had he been the least bit buddy-buddy with the gatekeeper. The context is this post:

Counties (Finally) Suing MERS Over Recording Fees
We’ve discussed Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (aka MERS) repeatedly over the years, including its quasi-legal standing and how it illegally failed to pay lawful recording fees to states and counties. (Back in March ’11, we discussed that County & State Litigation vs MERS was coming soon).

The Dallas DA action may be the largest major City/County litigation versus MERS. This may break open the flood gates for other such suits by counties and states around the country.

Unfortunately, after all that, Guambat forgot just what it was that was so brilliant as to event attempt to run the wordpress gauntlet.

Sigh. Just as well, he supposes.



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