Friday, May 04, 2012

Not a fan

Guambat is not a fan of the "new look!" of the blogger dashboard.

Sure it has a new whistle or bell or two, but why?  It's like adding apps for phones that Guambat will never ever want, let alone need.  Oh for the good old non-virtual days.  Fancy a virtual smartipants phone?  Or the real thing?

Guambat might even trickle down into a real funk and whinge were it not a free service he's complaining about.


Not free like in the good old days.  Back when men were men and sheep knew it, and a free bargain was more bargain than free, but you knew it.

Guambat reckons that every "upgrade" he's ever suffered through has been more of a downer than an upper.

Amazing how old you gotta get before you truly appreciate "progress".  Or the adage, leave well enough alone.

Incrementally, inch by inch, byte by bite, Guambat feels himself being eroded of his own self.

I'm shrinking, I'm shrinking.  And Guambat's formatting is maddening.




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