Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guess who's turning 20 (hint: you're very hot)

Here's another hint:

Yep, Internet pre-porn.

the first photo ever on the Internet
The image, uploaded by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee in 1992, was edited on a color Mac in version one of Photoshop and saved as a .gif, according to Mother Board.

"When history happens, you don't know that you're in it," Silvano de Gennaro, an IT developer at CERN, told Mother Board.

The image contains a photo of a comedic musical group known as Les Horrible Cernettes. The group consisted of both admin assistants and significant others of scientists at the CERN laboratory in Geneva. de Gennaro took the photo of the Cernettes while he was backstage at the Hardronic Music Festival, an event organized by CERN's administrators, on July 18, 1992.

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