Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bust some chops

"It's long been a truism that cutting pork is an idea that everyone's behind in theory and yet no one's behind in practice. There's just no real constituency for it. Getting a million dollar rest-stop built on a highway with federal funds-- that has a constituency.
It will be interesting to see if blogs can animate and link the inchoate anti-pork silent majority in the country.
People tend only look at the pork their state is getting. But if this "Porkbusters" thing takes off, people can see the pork other states are getting, and may very well decide that it's just better for the economy and their own wallet if their state forgoes its boondoggles in exchange for the other 49 states (and Guam) giving up theirs as well.
Two things blogs do well are 1) exposing information that's freely available to the public but little examined and 2) generating a bit of anger. Coupled together, blogs actually could reduce porkbarrel spending.
Bush and the "conservative Republicans" in Congress obviously aren't going to do that on their own.
Tips Appreciated: If you see some pork, let me know." http://ace.mu.nu/archives/121431.php#121431

I'm sure as rain some of my regular readers will wonder about this guy -- and me for linking to him. Sounds kinda Jacksonian. He's an American who's mad as hell about being ripped off by wasteful government. In the spirit of handshakes acrosst the table, I reckon he's on to something, and about time the great division of Americans begins to add up instead of dividing. If we think about it, I'm sure there are more things to agree about here than disagree.

So, take him up on it. If you see some pork, let him know.

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