Saturday, September 23, 2006

Anatomy of a "super-cycle" top

Guambat had for so long pounded the table on the manic rise (not the rise itself, just the mania of it) for so long, that he didn't bother posting the breaking of the CRB index uptrend. He did, though, send an email showing the chart and the "braking" of the trend to a few friends a week or so ago.

One of them, Mort, returned the favour by pointing Guambat to a thorough study of the matter, a couple of days ago. Today, Captain Kirk's On The Ticker points to the same study.

So, in the interest of spreading the word, which is what this blog does mostly, Guambat presents the following graph and encourages your own review of the source:

What`s Behind the Meltdown in the Commodity Markets? By Gary Dorsch

See, Super cycle and dot.commodity boom


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that some of the breakdown is caused by re-configuration of the CRB. While commodity prices have come down drastically from an intermediate top, I don't see the Super Cycle top you have seen. In the face, of the CRB re-do, I can only look at individual charts to judge the value of this top. I only see consolidation for now, not the end. See this article by Adam Hamilton on this CRB re-do:

27 November 2006 at 1:59:00 pm GMT+10  

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