Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Where the rubber meets the road: The DJIA is tired

Guambat often finds the top performer page from MarketWatch to be an eye-opener. Somehow, it often seems to have a disconnect to the perceptions Guambat has about what is or isn't moving the market. (See, e.g., Lump It)

For instance, the top performing industry in the DJIA for the last 3 months has been "tires".
10 Best Performing Industries
Industry Name Percent Change (over time selected - 3 months)
DJ US Tires Index 33.45%
DJ US Toys Index 30.55%
DJ US Software Index 27.62%
DJ US Clothing & Accessories Index 25.32%
DJ US Computer Hardware Index 25.05%
DJ US Telecommunications Equipment... 24.80%
DJ US Automobiles Index 24.10%
DJ US Investment Services Index 22.52%
DJ US Apparel Retailers Index 22.35%
DJ US Technology Hardware & Equipme... 22.21%

10 Worst Performing Industries
Industry Name Percent Change (over time selected - 3 months)
DJ US Coal Index -21.99%
DJ US Gold Mining Index -20.19%
DJ US Platinum & Precious Metals In... -18.30%
DJ US Mining Index -17.70%
DJ US Oil Equipment & Services Inde... -12.95%
DJ US Oil Equipment, Services & Dis... -11.53%
DJ US Aluminum Index -11.45%
DJ US Exploration & Production Inde... -6.15%
DJ US Oil & Gas Index -4.55%
DJ US Trucking Index -4.13%

Now who wudda thunkit, particularly since one of the worst performing industrieswas trucking.

Also fascinating, particularly given the recent strength in the Aussie market, is the disappointing permormance of the metals, mining and energy industries, which round out the rest of the 10 worst industries. Just exactly how the Aussie market has managed to stealthily disconnect from the CRB commodities complex is a mystery to Guambat.


Anonymous little john said...

et moi aussi.

i certainly aint thunk no such thung.

26 October 2006 at 4:26:00 pm GMT+10  

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