Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rest in Peet's

Mrs Guambat (well, she wasn't "Mrs" then) was living in a nice little studio apartment on Berkeley's northside when first we met. Wasn't long at all before Guambat had burrowed in. At least once a week we'd pop into Peet's for a coupa and a lungfull of caffeine.

We always admired the coffee implements he had for sale, and would save up for a big score to buy a cup or something. Then the lines began to get longer and the wait more crushed, and after a while we quit going.

Funny how what was so avantegard then has become cultural imperialism (and this, etc.) now.

At the time, Guambat was part time manager of a "counter-culture" coffee house in Oakland. We used to buy all our "exotic" (e.g., turkish coffee) coffees and all our teas from Peet's.

Coffee pioneer Alfred Peet dies

Coffee master Alfred Peet, 87, inspired Starbucks