Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well booger me

Ground-dog day as woman pays $50,000 to clone dead pitbull
The South Korean stem cell scientists who produced Snuppy, a cloned Afghan hound, have received the world's first commercial order to clone a dog and are now preparing to recreate Booger, a pitbull terrier from California. It is an order they hope will lead to the production of as many as 500 born-again pets each year.

The price for cloning a dog is set to be $150,000, but because this is the first order, and because the woman agreed to allow the event to be publicised, she is only being charged $50,000.

It seems the woman will send bits of her booger to Korea where they will copy it and send a full-fledged booger back to her.

Isn't that how Japanese manufacturing got started post-WWII??


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