Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No sex, please, we're conservative Republicans*

Mr. McCain may take a McCaning in November because Conservative Republicans are angry with Bush because the US Government is not spending enough US Taxpayer money to pay for mainly "faith based" organisations who want to run "abstinence training" programs for teen-agers.

The WSJ says a letter was sent to President Bush recently making this annoyance XXX-plicit.
It was signed by 50 Republican leaders representing a who's who of social conservatives.

An HHS spokesman said the administration "strongly supports abstinence education" but that winning grants for abstinence programs is an "extremely competitive" process. "We are only able to fund a small fraction of the applications" and have to turn down many, the spokesman said.

More broadly, White House spokesman Tony Fratto said that "movement conservatives have been overwhelmingly supportive of the president, and for good reason: He's been consistent in using his principles as a guide on everything from faith-based initiatives, to judges, to life issues."
Probably a case where they won't vote Democratic, just that they will run "abstinence training" programs with their own money when it comes to voting at all.

BY THE BYE: Guambat just noticed this is his 1,000th blog post. Cheers.



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