Friday, May 16, 2008

Waiter, there's a gun in my soup

Perdue signs law allowing guns in restaurants By JAMES SALZER, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgians with carry licenses can tote their concealed guns on public transportation, in restaurants that serve alcohol and in state parks under legislation signed by Gov. Sonny Perdue Wednesday.

Perdue, who was endorsed by the National Rifle Association when he ran for re-election in 2006, said last week he expected the issue to wind up in court.

On Wednesday the governor did not release an explanatory statement, and he was unavailable for comment.

For two years, the bill prompted a collision of Republican constituencies, as lawmakers debated the rights of gun owners and the ability of landowners to control their property.

The General Assembly passed House Bill 89 in the final hours of the 2008 session. Until then, most of the debate on the measure had concerned a provision to permit employees to keep guns in vehicles parked on corporate parking lots.

Business interests, who had opposed the bill, say the legislation's language has been watered down to the point that the parking lots issue is no longer a concern.

But when HB 89 made its final appearance before both the House and Senate, language was added that expanded the list of public places where holders of concealed weapons permits could take their guns.

With Perdue's signature, restaurant patrons will be permitted to carry a firearm, but would be barred from drinking while doing so. Violations would be a misdemeanor. Concealed weapons will now be allowed in state and local parks. Guns in purses or under jackets will also be allowed on public transportation.

Supporters of the bill included the NRA and

"By signing this legislation, Gov. Perdue has expanded the rights of law-abiding Georgians who lawfully arm themselves to protect themselves and their loved ones," said Ed Stone, president of

Ain't that just peachy-keen.

So this militiaman walks into the Senate with a loaded gun...
28 Mar 2007 by Guambat Stew
Thompson apparently put the gun in his briefcase, forgot he had it, drove into DC, and was busted after walking through an X-ray machine at the entrance to the Russell Senate Office Building. Not for violation of any US federal security ...

DC's gun control law in Supreme Court's sights
20 Nov 2007 by Guambat Stew
Guambat mentioned this case when it was at the US Court of Appeal level.... Guambat's take was that shooting down the Individual's Right to Bear Arms crowd with this ...

Guns don't kill ....
16 Feb 2008 by Guambat Stew

The argument, submitted by US Solicitor General Paul Clement, essentially urges the Supremes to waffle on the issue and send the case back to the lower courts...


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