Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bonding with the RNC

Bondage strip club turns up in GOP expenses
The GOP confirmed Monday that it reimbursed a California consultant for $1,946 spent at Voyeur, a high-end bar/lounge that's described on one Web site as "classic slutty" where "you might not be completely shocked at the almost naked women writhing on each other, but you will undoubtedly be in awe."

"It was obviously improper for more than one reason," said party spokesman Doug Heye. "It was not a sanctioned RNC activity. It was improper because of the venue."

He said the party will get its money back from Erik Brown, the president of Orange County-based Dynamic Marketing, who submitted the bill for reimbursement.

PS: RNC Fires Employee Over Bar Expense
The expense was incurred after an RNC event for young Republican donors in Los Angeles, according to a memo issued Monday by Ken McKay, the committee's chief of staff. After the event, several Republicans went to the club on their own, Mr. McKay wrote.

On Monday, after news of the event became public, the RNC said Mr. Brown had agreed to repay RNC. Mr. McKay also said the committee fired a staffer who was at the bar and had told Mr. Brown he could obtain reimbursement for the tab.

There. All better now?



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