Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's foreclosure news, via Google News aggregator

These three items appeared, one after the other, in Guambat's Google News page, spanning the full spread of the 50 States (but not Territories) of the US.
972 Foreclosure Filings in Hawaii in February

Dayton-area foreclosure filings down 30%

Hard for local housing prices to defy the downward pull of foreclosures (Florida)
It's interesting to compare the Hawaii and Dayton stories. The Hawaii story says,
The figure reported Thursday by foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac represents an 81 percent increase over 537 filings in February 2009.
That story goes on to mention the other statistic mentioned in the report, but highlighted in this Pacific Business News story:
Hawaii foreclosures down 25%

The number of foreclosures in Hawaii fell 25 percent in February from the month before, though filings were up significantly year-over-year, evidence that residents are still struggling to make ends meet.
The Dayton story takes the Pacific News approach: accent the positive --
The number of foreclosure filings in the Dayton area dropped in February, but remained higher than a year ago.

There were 995 foreclosure filings in the Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area in February, down 30 percent from 1,420 in January, but up more than 41 percent from the 702 in February 2009, according to RealtyTrac.

With spin like that, Guambat wonders how many of those Dayton properties have "ocean views".

By the bye, if you're wondering about the Florida story but too lazy to click the link, the gist of it is,
Speed up the foreclosure process? Be careful what you wish for.

As everyone who buys winter parkas in May knows, when a trickle of buyers meets a gusher of sellers prices take a pounding.
But the story is actually much more interesting than that, so go click and read. Looks like another round of "consolidation" in the real estate market.



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