Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wait, I know that picture

First it was the snakes.

Now its the spiders.

Guam is plagued by skewednews, the out of proportion kind.

And now this story from Discovery New, which Guambat was perusing when he came across the headline picture for the story. Guambat had seen it in his local newspaper maybe a week earlier. Twas a nasty looking spider.

From a ship overrun with spiders to bedbug infestations at major clothing stores, is this the time of plagues?
Recent headlines have reported bedbugs in Manhattan outlets of Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch, a boat from Guam that was turned away from port because it was swarming with thousands of non-native spiders, and a bumper year for ants in the nation's capitol.

Do these infestations of crawlies have any connection, like the super-warm weather this season or the long-term warming of our climate?

Not much, say experts, although climate is driving certain insect population changes.

Infestations on ships are frequent occurrences that only occasionally get reported, experts said.

"I don't think it's unusual to have a lot of spiders on a ship as long as there is plenty of prey" Raupp said. "Spider populations are driven by the availability of prey."

Kimsey agreed, noting that she was once involved in the turning back of a ship at the Long Beach port that was "literally covered" with Asian gypsy moths, a species with the potential to decimate the U.S. landscape if it becomes established here
And so goes the story without another mention of Guam after the first sentence.

Still, you betcha Guam will now be called the island of snakes and spiders.

Ai adai.



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