Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bordering on anarchy

Investigator in Falcon Lake 'Mexico pirates' attack is beheaded: sources
Rolando Flores was the commander of a team of police investigating the disappearance and reported shooting of David Hartley on a Mexican border lake last month.

Hartley, 30, was reportedly shot while jet skiing with his wife Tiffany on Falcon Lake, which straddles the Mexico-Texas border.

Since the incident technically happened in Mexican waters, the U.S. has no jurisdiction over the case and Mexican authorities are handling the investigation.

Flores' headless body was left in a suitcase in front of a Mexican military compound on Tuesday, Texas Rep. Aaron Peña told CNN.

The investigator had been out searching the Falcon Lake area for clues to Hartley's disappearance on Monday, but never made it home.

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Policeman possibly linked to Falcon Lake case beheaded
The area is known to be under control of the Zeta drug cartel, which fiercely protects the remotely populated ranchland lining the Texas-Mexico border, as well as the Mexican side of the vast Falcon Lake reservoir.

Mexican investigators have meanwhile expressed fears of searching in Zeta turf.

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