Sunday, October 17, 2010

Like a bee to honey

Jailed Australian Neil Campbell claims FBI entrapment
Authorities in India told The Australian police had uncovered $US10,000 in cash from Mr Campbell on his arrest and that he had been lured to India by undercover US agents with the promise he would receive the remaining $180,000 bribe there.

“I never awarded any contract ever on my own,” he said as he was led back to the dingy lock-up.

“The system is set up so the contract can’t be awarded just by an individual. He approached me and offered me money. I told him no. He approached me three times…three times I told him.”

When asked if he felt he was the victim of entrapment Mr Campbell replied: “That’s exactly what it was.

“The FBI knew about it and instigated it. They kept saying ‘come and get your money, come and get your money’.

“I was on my way back to Australia.”

But Mr Campbell’s son Reid told reporters his father had “been through hell” and had been looking forward to a “safe and stress-free retirement”.



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