Friday, June 01, 2012

Fence 'em all in

Guambat was vaguely aware of a news item in the last week about some devoutly irate pastor somewhere with a Southern accent barracking to fence in all gays and lesbians, with the hoped for result that they would then all die out.

On the premise that guns don't kill, but people with guns do, and that Americans have a god-given if not constitutional-given right to arm themselves, Guambat would like to offer the suggestion that that fence idea may (or may not) be a good idea to deal with "senseless" gun violence. Arm 'em then fence 'em all in. If you can't take the guns away, take away the people with guns. Maybe they'd eventually all die out.

What's up with Guambat? Well, Guambat has a sweet little sister who lives in the vicinity of the following item and is known to visit coffee establishments, so he looked a little deeper into this story. All good on the little sister front, but not so good for many others.

Father of Seattle gunman: ‘I’m so sorry’
"The first thing I can say, and it doesn’t go very far at this point, is I’m so sorry," Walter Stawicki said, his voice quivering. "It sounds so trite, that I feel their grief ... I just hope they understand he wasn’t a monster out to kill people."

the gunman opened fire at an artsy Seattle cafe around 11 a.m. Wednesday, killing four patrons. As he fled, he gunned down a woman during a carjacking and took off with her SUV. Stawicki killed himself as police closed in.

The 21 homicides this year have the city’s leaders wondering what if anything can be done.

"Why have these acts, these random killings occurred? I’m not sure we have the resources to tell you why," Councilman Bruce Harrell said.

In just over a month, a young woman was killed in a seemingly random drive-by shooting in a popular nightlife district and a father who was driving with his family was killed by a stray bullet fired during a fight involving people on the street.

McGinn said the highest priority would be addressing the "epidemic of gun violence that’s plaguing the city." He said he’ll look at redeploying officers, as well as legislation. Police have told residents to expect more officers on patrol in high-crime areas.

Guambat wonders if the artsy cafe was in a high-crime area.

And if more legislation in support of the 6th Commandment and in derogation of the 2nd Amendment will do SFA.



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