Monday, May 14, 2012

Austerity or Posterity: Buy now or Pay later

Europe Austerity Leading to ‘Catastrophe,’ French Lawmaker Says

Setback for Merkel as austerity agenda rejected in Germany's biggest state

Greek austerity: Path to recovery, or path to violence?

Irish pose next democratic test for EU austerity

Police clash with anti-austerity protesters in Italy

Spain: Mass Anti-Austerity Protests Sweep Nation

We need a British austerity revolt

Default now or default later?

“I had no idea.”
Unless the rich and poor encounter one another in everyday life, it is hard to think of ourselves as engaged in a common project. At a time when to fix our society we need to do big, hard things together, the marketization of public life becomes one more thing pulling us apart.

“The great missing debate in contemporary politics,” Sandel writes, “is about the role and reach of markets.” We should be asking where markets serve the public good, and where they don’t belong, he argues. And we should be asking how to rebuild class-mixing institutions.

“Democracy does not require perfect equality,” he concludes, “but it does require that citizens share in a common life. ... For this is how we learn to negotiate and abide our differences, and how we come to care for the common good.”

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