Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not a test, just a gentle reminder

This is not a test. Repeat, this is not a test.

"In his advisory, [David] Paulison [just appointed to head FEMA] recommended that households have on hand three days worth of water and food; an emergency supply kit for both home and automobile; radios with extra batteries; and plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal windows and doors.
With concerns growing about al Qaeda's interest in acquiring weapons of mass destruction, Paulison cautioned that aid after an attack could be hard to come by, at least initially.
He said that in the first 48 to 72 hours of an emergency, many Americans will likely to have to look after themselves [until FEMA gets its collective act together].
If an attack occurs, Paulison said, households should tune in to local media outlets and not evacuate [or go to the Superdome] unless they are told to do so [and then, God help 'em]."

This is not a test. It's history: February 2003:



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