Thursday, November 03, 2005

When religion is a crime

"ABOUT 320 people from three villages in the Wain-Erap area in Nawaeb District [ Papua New Guinea] have been charged by police for allegedly practising sorcery and cargo cult. About 300 people, all aged between 20 and 70, were arrested at Kasin and Sadau. All were taken to Boana Station where they were charged.

"The Kasin group was led by two women - Malamba Kifea and Patsepa Bangere - who treat menses from women as a “sacred water” to enable them “to see invisible things”. “We read the Bible and in the book of Leviticus, we found strange teachings about women and their monthly period,” Mrs Kifea told The National. “We were not sure and did not consult our pastor but kept the secret to ourselves after having revelations and seeing cargo and money being given to us. “We then opened up the cult to everyone and that was when all the good things vanished.”
She said the cult provided them an opportunity to improve their livelihood.

"In Sadau, two elderly men, Eribu Koponk and Nalaun Kuriong, claimed that using skeletons, they could predict the future and bring prosperity. Mr Kuriong, who appeared to head the group, said the practice was part of his cultural heritage. “We use the skull to give blessings,” he said. “We can invoke blessings for protection, hunting, luck and to increase wealth,” he said. They used three skulls dug up from their ancestors’ graves to summon “supernatural powers”.

"Nawaeb district community development officer Livingston Motoring said cult beliefs were a development issue.
He said life in the villages was harsh as the people lacked basic services and infrastructure such as roads. “They resort to sorcery in the belief that it will help alleviate their hardship,” he said."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're blogrolled. I agree about the wind thing, and another commenter warned me to be careful with the gov'mint watching. I told him I would be delighted to have some jackboots kick in my door, as long as they spell my name right, y'know. Cheers back atcha.

The Psychotic Patriot

3 November 2005 at 3:38:00 pm GMT+10  

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