Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mine what you complain about

Chinese bosses 'mistakenly' shot Zambia protesters: Beijing
China said Tuesday that two Chinese coal mine managers who were arrested in Zambia for allegedly shooting 12 local workers had hurt the Zambians "mistakenly".

The two Chinese nationals have been charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting randomly at the Zambian miners after they protested poor working conditions at their Chinese-run mine on Friday.

Africa has seen a wave of Chinese investment, despite criticism in the West that Beijing was blatantly ignoring human rights abuses, and environment and corruption issues in some countries as it lunges for the continent's resources.

China pumped 9.3 billion dollars into Africa by the end of 2009, a government report said last week, and Chinese officials have vowed the push would continue.

In particular, China has been criticised by the West over its support for regimes such as Sudan and Zimbabwe, which have been accused of human rights abuses, but many African leaders praise Beijing for not preaching to them on rights.

Ma said China's embassy in Lusaka had asked the Chinese-run company to "properly handle the dispute."

Chinese miners confirmed dead after gas leak

China's turn for mine rescue
China's mining industry is the most dangerous in the world. Before Saturday, at least 515 people had died this year in mining accidents.

Read more: China's turn for mine rescue | | Detroit Free Press

Thursday, May 11, 2006 Miner disasters



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