Wednesday, August 10, 2005

God Willing, we all will

"This is what I look forward to. That someday, insha'allah, I will live in a country without any differences from any other country. Just a normal place where my family and I can live normal lives. You ask about the soul of Basra? Look for it in the humanity that your poet, Walt Whitman, expresses."
This quote is from the blog of Steven Vincent, the journalist who a little over a week ago was kidnapped and killed in Iraq, most likely by someone who could read and didn't like what he read. His blog was called "In the Red Zone":

Vincent's last post to his blog was entitled The Naive American, taken from this passage:

"Not for the first time, I felt I was living in a Graham Greene novel, this about a U.S. soldier--call it The Naive American--who finds what works so well in Power Point presentations has unpredictable results when applied to realities of Iraq. Or is that the story of our whole attempt to liberate this nation?"

I found his reference to Power Point presentations rather coincidental (if not downright ironic), given my recent post: "Son, we live in a world that has powerpoint....":


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