Friday, August 12, 2005

I yam that I yam

What kind of blind allegiance is it that drives this government to adopt all the very worst parts of the Bush government? Now the Education Minister wants to import the Intelligent (sic) Design (sick) scam to Australia.

These guys think that it is at least as likely that some superior intelligence invented us as it is that we evolved from apes, and that that is a proposition that ought to share equal intellectual curiosity with Darwinism in school science classes. When you think about it, its pretty ironic that theses guys are trying to make monkeys out of us with their fundamentalist cant.

ID holds that the universe is just too intricate to have happened by accident, and that it must have been the result of an intelligent design. Things don't just happen! They won't take "just because" as an answer. They will take "God's doings" as an answer.

I remember asking, while a lad in Sunday school, "where did we come from?" I was told God made us. So, I asked (as you would), where did God come from. And I was told that a very wise old man, Abraham, had the chance to ask God that very same question, and God said "I am that I am". And Abraham accepted that, and the houses of Abraham have been fighting over the earthly ramifications of that ever since.

But that sounds just like "just because" to me. I mean, OK, you can have your god say I am that I am, or you can have your big bang say I am that I am and it's all the same once you go to "the beginning". ("Evolution does not challenge the idea that the universe began with a spark of divinity." )

Frankly, I prefer Popeye's explanation: "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam, toot, toot".

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